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『敏晨新闻』Practice good four big secret to become outstanding professional managers

Usually excellent professional managers in the workplace in the most congenial surroundings, inconsistent record cloud, the hand for the rain cover, in a freely. How to do such a realm, WoRui headhunting small make up and a lot of work, after more than ten years experience of professional managers communication form the article, and some enlightenment on professional managers.

A daily, if devil "false true through"

As excellent professional managers, every day must honestly true through -- honesty, sex, can read, physically elevation, can in the workplace community life.


Honesty, integrity, the meaning of loyalty. First to give the boss a loyal, true feeling, let your attitude moved employees, in the survey, the data according to the survey, more than 80% of the owner of the most key see character. Credibility was uncompromising, and dare to be responsible. Take on the responsibility, not out of the question, push 3 four, looking for someone to blame. This is the man.


Character. People used to say: character decides success or failure. Such a character, in the workplace are not? Isolated walk alone, make people terrified, make employees did not dare to talk with you, the lack of the communication foundation, character soft, directly cause, no team execution, work efficiency, let employees think you incompetent, finally divided, like loose sand.


Is that energy and ability. The amount of energy, that is, how much, refers to knowledge. Ability, is how much force to push, the former is space, which is power. Energy, mainly refers to the mastery of professional knowledge. If managers don't understand enterprise products expertise, there would be no way to do it. Is the professional managers of the ability to execute.

Second, introduction to practice kungfu "listening, asking and"

As an excellent professional managers, introduction of kung fu practice is a very important first step. At present, a lot of professional managers in when choosing a career, many consider to have career is on the point of view, usually when it comes to wages, and access, no to the boss and the team enterprises examined, non-stop to sit on a position, always think you can well good governance, the result is problematic, as the excellent professional managers must consider six aspects: (1) (2) the enterprise culture enterprise strength (3) the boss's decision to drink development (4) (5) business enterprise team prestige (6) market and product, summed up a bit, is listening, asking and determine their own judgment, then see the scale of enterprise strength, preliminary judge enterprise strength, inquire about enterprise commercial credit, the boss character, positive questions and understand the boss's idea, cut is through the above method, deduce orientation is the personal development of lifeline and their expectations after the goal of equal, and then make a decision.

Third, make the boss "driver"

If the enterprise is a car, professional manager is the boss of the driver, professional managers of the steering wheel forward the direction and speed of the leading enterprises, professional managers don't eye view, all ears, to fully understand the performance of the car, the proportion of various parts of the top speed can achieve how many, in what circumstance with what speed, and rivals, if the boss is don't understand enterprises, unrealistic decision, then do you have to pull him into the enterprise management, and listen to the report of the management, let him understand the real business. Let him with the enterprise, to grow together with the team. That work will only be in tune, the pace of basic agreement.

Four, excellent professional managers need to remember that six advice

Now a lot of professional managers, often made the fatal error, so as to accelerate the departure. So, must enhance vigilance, cannot become "ghosts".

The first: alert "frog death".

Article 2: alert work gao zhen4 master.

Article 3: alert deceives his superiors and deludes his subordinates play tricks.

Article 4: alert bonded, play the political struggle.

Article 5: alert dislocation, dislocation of the practitioners and policy makers.

Article 6: the vigilant mentality problem and change.

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