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『敏晨新闻』What kind of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence

Us national public radio (NPR) recently make calculation program, according to research at the university of Oxford in England after the type of work and career, can calculate the rate of the chance of the job was replaced by the computer. , according to the results of catering services, accounting and telephone marketing "most high-risk", be replaced rate was 99%; The position of being creative is the safest.

Research about 2 years ago, choose a total of 702 kinds of professional, estimate their 20 years under the threat of robots in the future. The results are as follows:

1 / accounting, insurance company underwriting, telemarketers: 99%

2 / model: 97.6%

3 / legal assistant: 94.5%

4 / waitress: 94%

Results at the same time, according to some involved in helping others work, occupational therapists, for example, opportunity rate is only about 0.3%.

Working robots take up With the Check - in, of board room

In recent years has been the fashion brand as a virtual model bridge, also have a restaurant encourage guests to use mobile phones or tablet computers to order and payment. Henn, Japan - na hotel next month, also plans to use the simulation people machinery for guests to check in, baggage and clean room, etc.

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